Balkan Business Analysis 2021

Stay tuned for Balkan BA Conference 2021

Welcome to the 7th edition in the Virtual format. More information is expected to be announced.

Since 2015 Balkan Business Analysis Conference (BBA) became an important gathering of business analysts in the Balkan region. Each year it is organized in a different country. This edition is special because the first time it will be organized as a virtual event.

Although the main host of this edition is IIBA Romania Chapter it is a joined effort with the co-organizers: IIBA Serbia Chapter, IIBA Bulgaria Chapter, IIBA Slovenia Chapter, IIBA Croatia Chapter, IIBA Bosnia and Herzegovina Chapter.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Please note that the time in the agenda is Eastern European Time - EET (UTC/GMT +3 hours)
Day 1
06 Nov 2020


Irina Minoiu
Amina Sabic-Muharemovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Coffee Break


Lunch Break


Coffee Break

Dragana Vracar-Ilijevic (Serbia)

Coffee Break


Coffee Break


Conference Closing and Networking



Alina Ghiarasim (Romania) Alina Ghiarasim (Romania)
Alina Ghiarasim (Romania)
Amina Sabic-Muharemovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Amina Sabic-Muharemovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Amina Sabic-Muharemovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Andrej Gustin (Slovenia) Andrej Gustin (Slovenia)
Andrej Gustin (Slovenia)
Arijana Koric (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Arijana Koric (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Arijana Koric (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Danelkis Serra (USA) Danelkis Serra (USA)
Danelkis Serra (USA)
Dragana Vracar-Ilijevic (Serbia) Dragana Vracar-Ilijevic (Serbia)
Dragana Vracar-Ilijevic (Serbia)
Emrah Yayici (Turkey) Emrah Yayici (Turkey)
Emrah Yayici (Turkey)
Filip Hendrickx (Belgium) Filip Hendrickx (Belgium)
Filip Hendrickx (Belgium)
Hristo Hadjitchonev (Bulgaria) Hristo Hadjitchonev (Bulgaria)
Hristo Hadjitchonev (Bulgaria)
Karolina Zmitrowicz (Poland) Karolina Zmitrowicz (Poland)
Karolina Zmitrowicz (Poland)
Katarina Kukuljan (Croatia) Katarina Kukuljan (Croatia)
Katarina Kukuljan (Croatia)
Madalina Dobre (Romania) Madalina Dobre (Romania)
Madalina Dobre (Romania)
Maja Golubic (Croatia) Maja Golubic (Croatia)
Maja Golubic (Croatia)
Mariana Mitevska (Bulgaria) Mariana Mitevska (Bulgaria)
Mariana Mitevska (Bulgaria)
Meltem Bayrak (Turkey) Meltem Bayrak (Turkey)
Meltem Bayrak (Turkey)
Mira Vasic (Serbia) Mira Vasic (Serbia)
Mira Vasic (Serbia)
Peter Dolenc (Slovenia) Peter Dolenc (Slovenia)
Peter Dolenc (Slovenia)
Stoyan Atipov (Bulgaria) Stoyan Atipov (Bulgaria)
Stoyan Atipov (Bulgaria)
Thomas Behrens (Germany) Thomas Behrens (Germany)
Thomas Behrens (Germany)

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