How facilitation helps better understand your customers with more efficient meetings

IAF Chapter Slovenia

marjeta novak

Workshop description

As the role of business analyst expands, business analysts often find themselves in complex meetings where various perspectives clash – technical, financial, marketing, user experience etc.

How to ensure that everyone involved understands the bigger picture, and aligns around the ultimate goal of excellent customer experience? How to enable the quality of listening and speaking in the meeting that leads to wise decisions that benefit all?

Meetings can either run loosely and randomly – which can be a waste of time, goodwill and other resources – or they can be facilitated in a manner that ensures engagement, focus and results.

In this hand-on workshop, participants will explore the basics of meeting facilitation that foster customer-oriented focus.

The workshop will be run by professional facilitator from the International Association of Facilitators, Chapter Slovenia

Speaker BIO:

Marjeta Novak, MSc, has been working as a co-operation facilitator, consultant and trainer for over 15 years, using strength-based approaches that reconnect people and groups with their purpose and potential.
As a Certified Professional Facilitator, Marjeta currently leads Slovenia Chapter of the International Association of Facilitators. She also stewards the Slovenian community of process practitioners within the global Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter network.
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About IAF:

Slovenian Association of Facilitators /IAF Chapter Slovenia aims at growing facilitation capacity and competencies within Slovenia; promoting facilitation as profession and approach for co-creating wise solutions to complex challenges; and building community of  individuals, groups and organizations who are aligned with our mission, goals and values. Its members range from from full-time facilitators to managers, leaders, consultants teachers, community organisers to change agents. More: