Blockchain and the Future of Business

Gal Jakic - Hive Project

Gal Jakic

Workshop description

Blockchain is set to revolutionise the world just as the internet did only two decades ago. So, what will change in our industry and how can we take advantage of these developments? Join industry leaders and experts at our workshop, where we analyse and research some of the best use cases… and your cases too!

About Hive Project

Hive Project is the first blockchain-based platform to provide companies around the world with fast and low-cost liquidity. By applying blockchain technology to factoring, Hive Project creates a platform with a distributed and highly efficient public ledger that opens up new sources of finance to companies. Driven by the risk-lowering technology offered by blockchain, Hive Project is bringing crypto currency invoice financing into the mainstream.

Winner of the Best New Blockchain Project at CoinAgenda Global BEST ICO 2017, the Hive Project Platform aims to be the go-to auditor, risk manager and liquidity broker for companies worldwide.

Gal Jakic
Gal, a 3x Paralympian in Para Alpine Skiing, applies the extreme dedication of professional sport to his web development career. And the full-service web development agency Gal started in 2006 has served as a solid grounding for his expertise in overseeing web projects. In his role as Platform Delivery Lead at Hive Project, Gal is linking up the tech, design and the business development teams.