Customer Interview Level 80. Upgrade Yourself

Olena Kisylychka

Olena Kisylychka

Workshop description

According to Harvard Management Update, 80% of companies believe they deliver superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree with it. What is superior customer experience for you? Is it related to services, products, and attitude? What about a customer interview? Is it enough to make an interview pleasant and engaging for a customer? Are you sure that such an interview will capture customer pain points and deep insights? Speaker who conducted 1000+ interviews will guide you through the effective customer interview process, highlight typical mistakes and boost your confidence as an interviewer.

Learning points of the workshop:

  • discover how to be market-driven and why it is important
  • learn about techniques, best practices, tips and tricks how to build better customer experience and capture customer pain points during the interview and try to use them in practice

• understand how to apply customer insights to your roadmap and scope

Speaker Bio:

Olena Kisylychka, Certified Pragmatic Marketing Product Manager at SoftServe

Olena has over 8 years of experience in IT field and over 5 years of cooperation with European companies.

Certified Pragmatic Marketing Product Manager (PMC-III), Certified Coach (EuCF, ICF).

Worked mostly in Retail domain. Since the beginning of 2017 has been performing pre-sales and up-sales activities. Has experience working with startups and enterprises. Has profitably led multiple projects within 1 product, has swimmingly led a distributed team. Also has experience working as a member of Board of Directors. Acted as a Product Manager, Delivery Manager and partially as an Account Manager.

Speaker on local BA communities, webinars, meetups/standups and conferences (e.g. Lviv PM Day, BAQ, Projector, BACon). Conducts BA training sessions for different IT companies.