First Steps in Customer Experiences (CX)

Aleksandra Brank

Aleksandra Brank

Workshop description

The ultimate and unique sales preposition of companies in the future will be customer experience. Companies who will be able to understand, listen and hear the voice of the customer will have strategic competitive advantage. The start of measuring CX is very important and the right set up can lead us to successful management of CX and delivering results through revenue and profit.

Workshop is based on real case, where the presenter (Aleksandra Brank) was responsible as a Group Customer Experience Manager in Bisnode Group.

The company set up the whole process of managing and improving CX. It was based on NPS (Net Promoter Score) relational survey and then upgraded to NPS transactional set up. They improved loyalty as well as satisfaction.

The workshop will address following questions via open discussion:

  • What our customers really need and what is important to them?
  • What brings them biggest satisfaction?
  • How to start with CX?
  • What is the impact of CX to revenue and the profit?

Special focus will be addressed to these chapters:

  • Difference between customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX)
  • Phases/stages of measuring NPS and managing CX
  • Key touchpoints and action plan for improvement
  • Monetization of NPS results and impact on business results

Through open discussion and workshop participants will have also possibility to learn:

  • How to set up basic touchpoints and which are the most important to customers?
  • How to address the touchpoints with the right questions?
  • How to manage different groups of customers?

How to efficiently close the loop?

Speaker Bio:

Aleksandra Brank

Aleksandra Brank, MSc., has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, 17 years of those on leadership/managerial positions in Slovene and multinational companies in Slovenia. She started first as a marketing director in Metropolis Media, then she was leading marketing and sales department in Motomedia (today Adria Media) and then joined IBM as a Marketing Manager responsible for Slovenia and Adriatic region. In 2011 she joined to leading provider of business analytics – Bisnode Slovenia as a marketing manager, then continued as a Regional Marketing Manager for Central Europe. In year 2016 she took responsibility as a Group Customer Experience Manager for Bisnode Group. During these period in Bisnode was established system for measuring customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. At the moment she works as consultant for strategic marketing and customer experience in Abena company.