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Igor Smirnov

Digitalize your Customer's Journey with Cross-Channel Data Integration

Andrej Guštin and Igor Smirnov

This workshop takes us through an example of one such journey from customer and company NEEDS to customer VALUE and EXPERIENCE. We investigate important DECISIONS in the processes that serve to build customer value on the one hand, while measuring companies’ required KPIs to create a 360-degree view of the customers who buy their products and services, on the other.

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CREA pro
Aleksandra Brank

First Steps in Customer Experiences (CX)

Aleksandra Brank

The ultimate and unique sales preposition of companies in the future will be customer experience. Companies who will be able to understand, listen and hear the voice of the customer will have strategic competitive advantage. The start of measuring CX is very important and the right set up can lead us to successful management of CX and delivering results through revenue and profit.

Gal Jakic

Blockchain and the Future of Business

Gal Jakic - Hive project

Blockchain is set to revolutionise the world just as the internet did only two decades ago. So, what will change in our industry and how can we take advantage of these developments? Join industry leaders and experts at our workshop, where we analyse and research some of the best use cases… and your cases too!

Olena Kisylychka

Customer Interview Level 80. Upgrade Yourself

Olena Kisylychka

According to Harvard Management Update, 80% of companies believe they deliver superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree with it. What is superior customer experience for you? Is it related to services, products, and attitude? What about a customer interview? Is it enough to make an interview pleasant and engaging for a customer?

andreja pucihar
gregor lenart

Business MakeOver - Innovate Your Business Model!

Andreja Pucihar & Gregor Lenart

Whether you want to grow your business, test your business, make your business more profitable or start a brand new enterprise, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your own ideas and those of your peers through lively discussions and use of the practical tools offered by the Business MakeOver platform.

Learn to Play Business Analysis

Victoria Cupet

Business analysis is gaining more and more popularity among professionals working on projects as well as business owners and executives. The Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide), a globally recognized standard for the practice of business analysis, describes 50 of the most common techniques used by business analysts. Most of these methods are well known and can also be found in other disciplines such as requirement engineering and project management.

Saima Butt

Powerfully Connecting to Your Customers for Their Desired Outcomes

Saima Butt

Active listening both inspires a deep connection as well as creating the opportunity for your customers to authentically share their desired outcomes. The art of asking powerful questions is key to making each customer conversation impactful, efficient and effective.

marjeta novak

How facilitation helps better understand your customers with more efficient meetings

IAF Chapter Slovenia

As the role of business analyst expands, business analysts often find themselves in complex meetings where various perspectives clash – technical, financial, marketing, user experience etc. How to ensure that everyone involved understands the bigger picture, and aligns around the ultimate goal of excellent customer experience? How to enable the quality of listening and speaking in the meeting that leads to wise decisions that benefit all?

Nataliya Nazar
Volodymyr Koval

``Chicken Scratch`` or Ideas Visualization

Nataliya Nazar and Volodymyr Koval

Being a customer-oriented Business Analyst is not only about hearing the voice of customers and helping them to solve their issues, it is also about doing it in an engaging and fun way, so that the customers are involved and enjoying the process. As most people are visuals and perceive visual information better than the text, it is a great idea to incorporate interactive visualization approach in almost all Business Analysis activities throughout the whole requirements management lifecycle.

Primoz Kočar

How can I train myself to be more agile by turning to the customer?

Primož Kočar

This is a workshop, where the whole body is included. That supports the thesis that human being percepts through the whole visible body. As a method we will use eurythmy in working space.

bojan brank
Bojan Brank

Conference moderator

Bojan Brank

Bojan Brank ( is – since 2008 when he started his own Company Abena – Management Consultant, Trainer and Executive coach with over 20 years of CEO experience (DHL International, DHL Express, Port of Koper). He specializes in Strategy, Engagement, Performance improvement, Change management, Team Coaching and coaching of C level leaders and managers.

He is still connected to the world of Logistics as Chairman of Supervisory Board of Slovene Railways and Member of Startegic Council at Faculty of Logistics (University of Maribor). He also serves as Chairman of Supervisory Board of Slovene Coaching Association and Member of the Executive Board of Slovene Chamber of Management Consulting.  He is married with two teen-aged daughters and holds a black belt in traditional Shotokan Karate.