Stojan Košti, Slovenia


Stojan Košti, Slovenia

BA Practice in Slovenian Public Administration

IIBA Chapter Slovenia was involved in 2 interested projects in 2018, where we together with Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration applied BA approaches and techniques in practise. In this presentation we will present 2 real cases.

Case 1: Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration has decided to improve leadership and upgrade competences of public employees. We have conducted analysis and proposed new process design according to key project goals: target management, career development, continuous learning and competency improvement. Through the project results we will present our BA approach, design principles and end result of our work, which we used for two purposes: for RFP for new It system and for internal reorganization of HR department and function.

Case2: With dedicated information support, the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration covers every piece of Slovenian law and legislation. The problem with most dedicated applications that have been developed in the past is that its migration to the modern information environment and application redesign requires a great deal of investment and expense. As part of the bigger project (an application covering the field of war legislation), we first conducted a business analysis of the information environment, application functionality and requirements as well as needs and requirements of the client. The result of the project was deep business analysis and evaluation of possible solutions according to different criteria that address the variety of stakeholders business needs. In the presentation, we will present step by step of business analytical work on the project.

Finally, we will share with the participants some “best practise” approaches, techniques and “how to” suggestions that we found out from this projects to be our know-how in BA practise.

Stojan Košti is a professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field of IT planning and development, and managing large IT projects. His expertise is focused on optimization of operations with implementation of digital processes and solutions. Among other projects, he participated in the planning and implementation of an information system for the collection and evaluation of public tenders and interoperable systems for managing public administration. He continued his business career as the head of IT in a medium-sized company and was actively involved in several international IT development projects. In recent years he has been involved in projects as senior business analyst, which he successfully links BA with his extensive IT experience. His is capable to effectively reduce the gap between the strategic part of business and information.