Peter Dolenc, Slovenia


Peter Dolenc, Slovenia

Find the people dependent ROI on the project and win it!

All too often, organizational changes meet requirements without delivering expected results. They deliver the necessary outputs without delivering on expected outcomes. The focus of the change effort is on the solution rather than the benefits of the solution. The gap that exists between requirements and results, between outputs and outcomes, between solutions and benefits is the people who bring the change to life in their day-to-day work. Change management enables the closing of this gap by effectively supporting and equipping those people impacted by a change to be successful in bringing it to life in how they work.

In this workshop a certified Prosci Trainer will introduce the essence of 20 years research by Prosci and offer an insight in to some of the industry leading change management tools.

Peter Dolenc has over 15 years of experience in project management, introducing new product lines, concepts and solutions. In multinational corporations Microsoft and Oracle he was responsible for developing markets for new technology concepts. He successfully leads teams and builds their capacities. He recognizes people dependent ROI as main factor in gaining business value in projects. He used this approach in several IT companies where he led transformation by promoting acceptance, implementation and reinforcement of change. He specializes in Organizational Change Management and Project Management.

Peter is Prosci certified trainer of Organizational Change Management. Prosci is world leading change management methodology known by their personal change model ADKAR.