Milena Mileva, Bulgaria


Milena Mileva, Bulgaria

Tools and Techniques Triage (workshop)

What Business Analysis tools and techniques you know of, use and find helpful. In a group you could share your knowledge for a specific technique, or as a group you could find out more for the tool and technique new to you. Then you could decide which tools and techniques are worth to be learned, practiced and taken in your toolkit.
You will use the BCS book “Business Analysis Techniques: 99 Essential Tools for Success”, by James Cadle, Debra Paul, Paul Turner,

You will widen your BA horizon and could bring the workshop at home in your organisation for your own Tools and Techniques Triage.
The “Tools and Techniques Triage” workshop was delivered first at Business Analysis Manager Forum November 2018 in London by representatives of Raytheon, that used the approach to understand the skills they have in their newly established BA team and to decide on path forward. See

It then has been used in Bulgarian IIBA Chapter in their initiative Business Analysis Practitioner Forum, where Milena has been the workshop facilitator and has helped the teams with unknown tools and techniques.

Milena Mileva is qualified and passionate business analyst. Managing consultant at PMBA Ltd, she provides business analysis and business architecture consultancy, coaching and training. Her BA work record for more than 20 years includes experience in e-government, business intelligence and financial services. Milena is co-founder and vice-president for education of the Bulgarian IIBA chapter and Fellow Member of BCS (British Computer Society).