Maja Golubic, Croatia


Maja Golubic, Croatia

Building a Strong BA Community Within Your Company

After the BA team in our company grew from 15 to 40 members, with most of them freshly out of university, and with all of us spread out on different projects, we knew it was critical to develop a place where we could all become closer colleagues, learn from each other and actively work to increase the standard of business analysis practices in our company and wider.

Knowing that practice makes perfect and that it’s better to learn from others’ mistakes, we established a Center of Competence and we want to share with you how we managed to:

  • Improve sharing the knowledge within the BA team and increase the quality of BA work.
  • Speed up the onboarding of new team members and helping them do their work in the optimal way.
  • Nurture the culture of providing constructive feedback.

Maja Golubic is BA @ KING ICT, Zagreb, Croatia. Although I started my carrier journey as Auditor, I’m happy to say that I have found my calling from the very first moment I started working as BA. I had the opportunity to work in both waterfall and agile custom software projects within the Public and Private Sector. Lately, I have been focused on promotion of BA good practices and education of younger colleagues in the company I currenty work for.