Ivan Glišin, Serbia


Ivan Glišin, Serbia

Visualizing Requirements: Making Sure Customers Get What They See (workshop)

Successful projects with no exceptions demand clear understanding between the customer and the vendor on what is expected to be delivered. Depending on the type of system being developed there are many techniques available to make client-vendor agreement rock-solid, but for solutions with extensive user interface interaction what could serve that purpose better than visual representation of the intended result, even long before anything gets built?

This workshop will put you into position to elicit and document requirements in a simulated client-vendor environment using three visual techniques: Storyboarding, Application Flow Diagrams, and User Interface Prototyping. But we will go beyond pretty pictures by documenting requirements not only for front-end interactive elements, but also requirements for back-end business logic implementation that drives solutions. All that in one package usable by various stakeholders, saving time and money both in analysis and implementation phases.

Ivan Glišin has over 30 years of hands-on technical experience delivering information and telecommunication technology solutions to clients in Europe, US, and Canada. Over the past 20 years he has been engaged in solution architectures, project management, business analysis, and process improvement roles. Active for 30 years as a presenter, demonstrator, trainer and mentor. Founding member of IIBA Serbia Chapter, recognized speaker and promoter of business analysis profession.