Irina Minoiu

Project Manager @ IIBA Romania

Children do not need user manuals

Have you ever seen a child reading the user manual of a toy, an apple or water bottle? Children have theirs own mechanism to find out how things works and how can be used. While growing up in the society children are loosing these mechanisms. Business analysts should study and learn how children think, how they solve problems, how they make associations, how they are creative and try applying what they learn when accompanying the design of new products.

Irina Minoui,  Engineer, software developer, project manager, business analyst, volunteer, trainer, speaker mcsd, MBA, pmp, chap Irina is a member of iiba ro board since 2013 in charge of education and iiba ro acting president since August 2016. She has designed the support materials for babok 02 and babok 03 study groups heald by iiba ro since 2013 and also delivered the babok study groups sessions in Bucharest and Chisinau. Irina was a speaker at BBA2015, BBA2016, RBAC2017, CodeCamp 2017, Analyst Days st Petersburg 2018, CodeCamp 2018