Igor Ivanović, Serbia


Igor Ivanović, Serbia

Business Analyst of Today: Design Thinker and Innovation Coach

New business reality is all about change, evolution and adaptation. Continuous innovation, deep understanding of the end user needs and unleashing of creativity across the board is a mandatory mindset for any business. Although Business Analyst role was never only about gathering requirements, but about gaining understanding of stakeholder needs and recommending the solutions that will help organization reach their goals, modern Business Analyst has to make a step further.

When BA role takes the stage in the business process today, it is time to confirm there is a full understanding of the customer ecosystem needs, multidisciplinary team needs to be formed and led through the process of ideation, prototyping and testing, in order to come up with the innovative idea to be developed and delivered. In the best case scenario, Business Analyst guiding this process is also a Design Thinking practitioner and Innovation coach, with full understanding of the Agile framework. Let’s talk about prerequisites for this approach, feasibility of traditional Business Analysts being developed in this direction and share practical experience that proves it can work in practice if the business is open to stay on track with new reality it operates in.

Igor Ivanovic, Business Analyst in Endava. Passionate believer in customer insight driven business, focused on business analysis, innovation, process and customer experience design. Enthusiastic design thinking practitioner, digital native and advocate of structured innovation approach.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivanovici/