Andrej Guštin

General Manager @ CREA pro

Digitalize your Customer’s Journey with Cross-Channel Data Integration

Many companies in diverse industries are struggling to design perfect cross-channel experiences for their customers – solutions that incorporate the advantages of digital technology to provide their customers with invaluable personalized, up-to-date and on-time service.

Improving customer experience is a key priority for enterprises today – and numerous competitors have already adjusted their customers’ journeys to capture big data information, IoT signals and other insights obtained from journey touch points. But to improve the customer experience, you must have the ability to measure it. By effectively analysing these types of insights, you can offer innovative online and off-line solutions to provide your own customers with an exciting offer of new products and services that are accessible 24/7.

This workshop takes us through an example of one such journey from customer and company NEEDS to customer VALUE and EXPERIENCE. We investigate important DECISIONS in the processes that serve to build customer value on the one hand, while measuring companies’ required KPIs to create a 360-degree view of the customers who buy their products and services, on the other. As an example, we measure the performance of marketing activities (in the context of the entire cross-channel customer decision journey) to encourage “next-best-offer” conversion. Customer Experience KPIs focus on improvement in terms of quality, efficiency and customer equity.