Balkan Business Analysis 2021

The role of Business Analysts during the change

06 Nov 2020

The role of Business Analysts during the change

When companies execute their strategies they often bump into the project where the value lies more in the specific change of their employee’s behaviours rather than in a pure technical implementation. Digital transformation, changes of processes, implementation of new tools, and acquisitions are just a few examples. Many of these projects often demand the ultimate change, the change of culture. None of this change is easy. And everyone in the organization has their own role during the process of transition to new normal. Research shows that there is one particular role that has a special impact during the change. Managers. They are the vessel of changes and they are where change is coming into life. To be successful in this process they need help. Business Analytics are one of the critical roles which many times miss in the equation. Find out how we can change the change and how should Business analysts position themself the change management team.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the people side of the change
  • What is the role of Managers and what is the role of BA during the organizational change
  • How should BA position themself to help achieve success on the projects