Balkan Business Analysis 2021

The Product Manager Hat of a Business Analyst

06 Nov 2020

The Product Manager Hat of a Business Analyst

What are the skills and mindset that a Business Analyst should acquire in order to move beyond requirements management and take responsibility of product success? Join us in a journey of defining an audacious product vision, of challenging and redefining business needs, of questioning the organizational status-quo and proposing an agile creative approach on product discovery and implementation.

In this session we will talk through:

  • the Product Value Flow and some of the practices and artefacts that give the Business Analyst the ability to qualify and prioritize product features, set expectations on delivery, plan and build the product features, release them into production and commercialize them.
  • how integrating UX and Product Design techniques in the Business Analyst’s toolbox helps create great products through balancing business goals and user needs, applying design principles and rapidly generating prototypes.
  • how developing a Product Centric mindset can boost a Business Analyst’s work from just managing requirements to creating an extraordinary product

We will share from our experience on taking a product from the initial concept, through user research and ideation to refinement and prototyping.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is the Product Value Flow and some of the practices and deliverables associated with it
  • How can UX and Product Design can significantly enrich the toolbox of a Business Analyst
  • Why Product Management can be a Business Analyst’s next career move