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The case for scaled agility: implementing SAFe

06 Nov 2020

The case for scaled agility: implementing SAFe

Some things require more than 4-10 people and this is where most agile practices got stuck. Eventually we discovered a few ways to scale those principles to large organizations, delivering the benefits Agile promised 20 years ago. Today we have a number of scaled agile frameworks but none as widely recognized as SAFe. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a framework guiding the organizational evolution through seven core competencies on its way to business agility.

In this panel you will learn what and how SAFe can do for your organization and what frameworks and practices it employs. I will show you the big picture, lost in details and the strengths and limitations of the approach that will change the corporate world forever.

Learning Objectives

  • Define business agility
  • Benefits and challenges of scaling agility in an enterprise environment
  • Introduce business agility competences
  • Introduce SAFe
  • Introduce implementation roadmap