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PM, BA and PO – can they co-exist in Agile?

06 Nov 2020

PM, BA and PO – can they co-exist in Agile?

Although Agile development has been trending for many years, companies still struggle to transform their business into Agile. Part of the problem lies in the fact that Agile methodology introduced some new team roles, while some traditional team roles were completely omitted. If you adopt Agile by the book, you no longer need to have a project manager or business analyst, but you do need to have a product owner. But, what if we keep the project manager and the business analyst, and also adopt the product owner? Can we have all three roles and still be Agile? Can they effectively work together? Let me share my experience with you and answer all those questions.

Learning Objectives

  • Helping teams in their transformation from traditional to Agile methodology
  • Learning how to adapt the Agile methodology to your needs
  • Ensuring effective collaboration of PM, BA, and PO roles