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Challenge yourself: AI demystification

06 Nov 2020

Challenge yourself: AI demystification

Nowadays, we hear almost everywhere about Artificial Intelligence. This is not a new term, but it gained a lot of attention lately. What exactly is Artificial Intelligence? What is Machine Learning? Are these two terms the same or they are different? Is there any other term you should really know about?
Most of the companies want to move from the traditional data-driven projects to the innovative ones and, as a business analyst, you have to be prepared to jump in a project that is using the latest technologies, so you have to be familiar with all the AI buzzwords. Understanding this, you will know what questions to ask and how to drive the discussions with the business owners.
This is the right place for you to start your journey in the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence: understanding the terminology and how AI can and can’t be used, but also knowing some of the existing tools that can be easily integrated in your new or existing projects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Clarify the AI terminology
  • Spot opportunities for AI projects
  • How and where to apply existing tools for solving AI challenges