Balkan Business Analysis 2021

AI and the BA behind

AI and the BA behind

What does AI bring to the enterprise? One third of the organizations have already answered this question and allocated significant budgets to implement AI in various directions. Proper algorithms and the right data available are the key factors to successful resolving a clearly stated business problem.

Where is the business analyst role in this initiative? To enable change, to define the business need, to design and propose solution options… Yes, it’s all needed and it is the backbone of AI implementation. Involved in every aspect of analysis, problem statement, business processes and data, requirements and design, and solution evaluation. Business analysis is there to support the business owners and technical practitioners going into the right direction to gain benefits from emerging technologies.

AI has a significant impact on the Retail market in the form of demand forecasting and automated data-driven decisions. We will share with you a case study about the business analysis involvement in implementing AI solutions for an international retail enterprise.

Learning Objectives

  • The audience will be able to recognize key BA techniques for appropriate logic implementation for automated data-driven decisions
  • The audience will be able to identify the leading factor to success to precisely predict an answer to a business problem
  • The audience will be able to uncover AI potential for centralized decision management which is essential for large enterprise organizations