GROUP 3:How can I train myself to be more agile by turning to the customer? / Primož Kočar

This is a workshop, where the whole body is included. That supports the thesis that human being percepts through the whole visible body. As a method we will use eurythmy in working space.

We will practice three dimension of working »space«. We will experience dimension when I’m working alone, in pair and in a group. In development of the process these three dimensions will be combine, which demands that the individual is really agile, flexible and prepared to constantly develop himself. This is a perfect training for nowadays situation, where the world is turning faster than ever.

We will search possibilities how to train connection: myself with customer, with team, with company and not loosing myself. These are skills that are connected to the topics as How to connect and engage with customers (inner and outer customer) and these skills provide possibility to stay in process, listen to customer and react on time. The most important goal of the workshop is to open individual towards impulses that are coming from the periphery and to react according to them. For this skill we have to practice and train ourselves to become bigger and bigger “radar”. That is what eurythmy is offering for those that are searching an essential development.