(Arena Hall) Voice of the Customer in Agile Transformation Projects / Miroslav Aničin

his is experience sharing lecture intending to show how BA helps in Agile Transformation Projects respecting the voice of the customer throughout the project. “Agile” is one of the buzzwords. It is very modern this season and everyone wants to wear that agile thing. So, we are starting from a business need that can be defined as “We want to be Agile”. But, is it a real need or just another misleading information as many others we are facing in our BA practice are? Blindly following what has been articulated by Customer as a business need can easily fool us. That will certainly move us away from one of our main roles – to be a guide to the Customer. How to discover the real business need when starting so called Agile Transformation Project? How to use Business Analysis approach to help Customer discovering where really hurts?