(Pinta 1, 2) Customer-Centric Business Analysis in Agile Software Development: A Case Study / Stoil Stoilov

Even though agile has established itself as the customer-preferred approach for developing software, organizations still make traditional mistakes even when using agile – they neglect the customer and their requirements, they try to deliver quickly at the expense of quality, and they use outdated and inefficient tools and delivery models. In this presentation, you will learn how good business analysis can deliver great value for the customer in spite of bad project management.

You will walk away having learned:

  • How to spot customer pain points in the agile process and how to fix them using innovative BA techniques;
  • How to use PFB (Process, Frontend, Backend) Swimlane Diagrams to rally customers, designers and developers around a unified vision for the product;
  • How to use good business analysis to reengineer a distributed project’s workflow and raise it to another level of trust and efficiency.