Recycle Map Application – Case Study

Lucian Naghel

Lucian Naghel

Session Description

Do you recycle? Even if your answer is Yes or No, this is a case study based on a true story which describes how an application came to life from an idea related to a global issue – Recycling Waste. A small group of IT enthusiasts and social responsible discovered a lack of recycling facilities in Romania and this way Recycle Map was born. You will discover how important was the BA role in a heterogeneous team and how this role had to adapt in the creation of a product from scratch when each of the team members could be the customer.


  • How Business Analysis evolved from what the business needs to what the customer requires
  • BA role and mindset in a Mobile App Project
  • Challenges when developing a new product in the market

Speaker Bio:

Lucian Naghel

Business Analyst certified practitioner and enthusiast, Lucian is interested to discover and learn about new domains. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, he likes to contribute by building excellence in analysis discipline. Since 2014 Lucian is an active board member and trainer for IIBA Romania and he was also a speaker for a few times at Romanian BA Conference and BBA.
Passionate about the BA role within the organization in close interaction with Business Intelligence and User Experience Design he also likes to share knowledge with practitioners, mentoring others and networking.