How to build excellent User experience with 100% proven tactics?

Simon Meglič and Ajda Marič

Simon Meglič
ajda marič

Session Description

How does your web page, sales and service/product delivery process look like in the eyes of a customer? Learn from findings of many offline and online usability tests and heuristic analyses of ePrvak group UX experts. You can build better user experience with almost no additional investment with costumer centered development. Your conversion will go up and your customers will become happier and more loyal. Persuading  existing customer to buy is 6-7 times cheaper than getting new one

Where to start, if you want to optimize your product or service according to your customer’s needs? Which approaches are most effective in analyzing your customer’s explicit and latent needs and desires? Where to start if you already have relevant user feedback and want to start developing a new generation of your product or service line?

In this session we will get familiar with the design thinking method, a popular and very effective approach to developing user centered product and services.

Speaker Bio:

Simon Meglič, MSc, CEO at ePrvak group

M.SC. Simon Meglič is serial entrepreneur for last 15 years and has founded largest Slovenian online travel agency Potovanje d.o.o and ePrvak group of companies which provide solutions for email marketing, marketing automation and usability testing (conversion rate optimization) and digital media. He is leading Slovenian expert for usability testing, eyetracking studies and email marketing.  With his team he made numerus usability studies, consulting and conversion rate optimizations for established clients in travel, banking, insurance, health and e-commerce industries in Southeast Europe. 3 years he was the professor of digital marketing at DOBA faculty. His passion are travel, healthy lifestyle and his small kids.


Ajda Marič

Ajda Marič works as a freelancer in the field of service design and user experience optimization. She managed or assisted several project ranging from startups to 100 mio € companies. She is proficient in various methods, both quantitative (surveys) and especially qualitative (in-depth interviews, observation, etc.)
She is theoretically and practically trained in the design thinking method, including several workshops at Hasso Plattner Institute of Design ( in Berlin.
In her spare time she is finishing her PhD in Biosciences at the University of Ljubljana.