Customer First: Personas at the Heart of Your Requirements

Yuriy Gaiduchok

Yuriy Gaiduchok

Session Description

Typically products are built by implementing initial idea of some capability or functionality, which is then delivered to customers. And most business designs or products fail due to not placing customer priorities and needs first, before implementing solutions. Defining user and buyer personas is a powerful approach to reverse this frequent way of thinking. With user personas, stay focused and design only functionality that clearly helps with customer hassles. With buyer personas, cover various distinct needs for different types of decision makers. Keeping in mind these dimensions helps building products that customers love and buy, often dramatically improving chances for success on today’s competitive environment. Learning points:

Achieve better outcomes for customer end users with defined user personas;

  • Understand buyer personas to create more targeted solution;
  • Enable reversed thinking with placing users and buyers needs first, prior to defining capabilities.

Other Relevant Information

Yuriy frequently shares knowledge at industry events, more at, including best workshop 2017 in Ukraine BA community.
Participated in IIBA BBC conferences during last 4 years, public review of IIBA BBC 2017 may be found here:

Speaker Bio:

Yuriy Gaiduchok


With 14 years in professional services, Yuriy Gaiduchok has diverse hands-on experience as business analysis and product management leader. Worked in distributed multi-layered teams with multiple clients over EU and US. He built competence company-wide for 120 analysts and developed BA services portfolio for several large companies having 1000–5000 employees.
IIBA member since 2012, CBAP since 2013, certified as Zachman Enterprise Architect and Agile CSPO. Awarded as Best BA professional 2017 by IT Awards Ukraine. Head of Business Analysis at Ciklum, VP Professional Services at IIBA Ukraine Kyiv Chapter.