7 Ways Business Analysts Can Lead the Charge to Transform Customer Experience

Michael Hinshaw (CXPA)

As customer experience increasingly becomes a competitive imperative, business analysts are in a unique position to play a vital role in shaping these decisions and driving customer-centric innovation across the enterprise.

Smart Customers, Stupid Companies
Michael Hinshaw is the author of Smart Customers, Stupid Companies

How to Find Hidden User Needs Systematically and Derive Valid User Requirements

Thomas Geis (UXQB)

If you want to find out what users truly need, avoid the one question: “What do you need?”  Users tend to express themselves in terms of “desired solutions” rather than true user needs.

BAs as the Voice of the Customer in the 21st Century!

Jared Gorai (IIBA)

Business Analysis is all about facilitating change but as practitioners, are we leading the change or are we simply along for the ride? Executives are looking for change leaders rather than simply change agents. How do we transition from being good change agents into being exceptional change leaders? Where in this journey are our customer and are we listening to them?

Adrian Reed

Systems Thinking: A Crucial Skill for deeper customer understanding

Adrian Reed

It has often been said that we live in an increasingly volatile, complex and ambiguous world where customers are demanding more and more from us.   The external business environment is complex and fast-moving, yet often our stakeholders are blindsided by ‘silver-bullet’ solutions that assume a neat linear relationship between cause and effect.

The Role of the BA in the Age of Experience

Raluca Piteiu-Apostol

We live in a world of information overload, a world where the most valuable asset people are fighting for is our attention. Marketers are struggling to get it by all means. Everyone is looking for solutions for whatever problem the users might or might not have. It is time to take a step back and consider what the real problems are we are trying to solve and if the people even want them solved.

Miroslav Ancin

Voice of the Customer in Agile Transformation Projects

Miroslav Aničin

This is experience sharing lecture intending to show how BA helps in Agile Transformation Projects respecting the voice of the customer throughout the project. “Agile” is one of the buzzwords. It is very modern this season and everyone wants to wear that agile thing. So, we are starting from a business need that can be defined as “We want to be Agile”.

Yuriy Gaiduchok

Customer First: Personas at the Heart of Your Requirements

Yuriy Gaiduchok

Typically products are built by implementing initial idea of some capability or functionality, which is then delivered to customers. And most business designs or products fail due to not placing customer priorities and needs first, before implementing solutions. Defining user and buyer personas is a powerful approach to reverse this frequent way of thinking.

Stoil Stoilov

Customer-Centric Business Analysis in Agile Software Development: A Case Study

Stoil Stoilov

Even though agile has established itself as the customer-preferred approach for developing software, organizations still make traditional mistakes even when using agile – they neglect the customer and their requirements, they try to deliver quickly at the expense of quality, and they use outdated and inefficient tools and delivery models. In this presentation, you will learn how good business analysis can deliver great value for the customer in spite of bad project management.

Lucian Naghel

Recycle Map Application – Case Study

Lucian Naghel

Do you recycle? Even if your answer is Yes or No, this is a case study based on a true story which describes how an application came to life from an idea related to a global issue – Recycling Waste. A small group of IT enthusiasts and social responsible discovered a lack of recycling facilities in Romania and this way Recycle Map was born.

Simon Meglič
ajda marič

How to build excellent User experience with 100% proven tactics?

Simon Meglič

How does your web page, sales and service/product delivery process look like in the eyes of a customer? Learn from findings of many offline and online usability tests and heuristic analyses of ePrvak group UX experts. You can build better user experience with almost no additional investment with costumer centered development. Your conversion will go up and your customers will become happier and more loyal. Persuading  existing customer to buy is 6-7 times cheaper than getting new one.