Main highlights from the content of the workshop:

  • WHY: Key business and human trends and characteristics of the digital economy, which indicate new characteristics of modern organizational culture
  • WHAT: Target characteristics of the new organizational culture in the dVUCADd business environment:
    • Focused on integrated human development and its synergistic operation with advanced digital technologies (combination of so-called androritms + algorithms)
    • Disruptive and innovative
    • Agile
    • Transparent
    • Based on analytics and data
  • HOW: How can we systematically develop it:
    • Our recommendations and best practices
    • Workshop: how is the situation (with the state of the organisational culture) in the daily life of the participants (based on the previously conducted I4F assessment)

Method of implementation:

  • Interactive workshop, with group work
  • Before the workshop, we will conduct an I4F assessment - how your organization is prepared to do business in the digital economy

 Take aways for the participants:

  • Participants will learn about different business characteristics in the digital and postdigital economy and how they affect the necessary responses of organizations
  • On this basis, they will understand what are the desirable characteristics of organizational culture needed for today's and future business success
  • Through the use of a practical example and with the help of a modern digital solution, they will gain key guidelines and good practices for the development of the desired organizational culture (in their company)

Competencies profiles of the future

All the participants of the conference can test and evaluate (in September 2022, ) their digital competences for free according to the framework of the BA Data Analyst. Thereby you will obtain additional insights into what are the key competencies that will enable you to perform your function at the highest level and at the same time identify your competencies gaps (which competencies should you focus on developing in the future).

The competenies profiles of the future were developed in cooperation with our partner organization I4F (Inspire4Future)



Janez Žezlina, Potentiologist

Roman Klarič