Since forever, the best stories have always been told in unusual circumstances, with a bit of mystery and a bit of magic. That is why we have decided to upgrade a part of the BBA conference where will stop time and make room for magical learning experience by the campfire.

We invite you to join us at this year's edition of BBA conference where storytellers will share their stories with attendees by the campfire. Story will be presented in accordance with these three categories:

  • Comedy: Humorous story about a chaotic project where a part or the whole project was a comedy.
  • Horror: Story of a disastrous project where BA storyteller ws not taken into account or listened to. Storyteller will also share what he or she learned.
  • Hero: Story about how a BA hero and BA superhero powers (meaning knowledge, skills and competencies) saved a complicated business situation in heroic way.
  • Alternative topic: Interesting story related to the theme of the conference »Homo Analyticus: All we need is data!?«

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and join us at BBA2022 conference.

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