Increase your visibility at the BBA2022 (Balkan Business Analysis) Conference by becoming an event speaker, trainer or storyteller. Share and showcase your expertise in Data  Business  Analysis and Business Data Analytics, focusing on data governance, data quality, business value of data, data visualization etc..

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) - Chapter Slovenia is calling for speakers to apply to the 8th Balkan Business Analysis Conference to be held live in Nova Gorica, Slovenia on 12th and 13th of September 2022 and streamed on-line (hybrid event).

The Balkan Business Analysis Conference is an annual international event for business analysts and the largest professional forum of its kind in Eastern Europe. Its primary goal is to provide opportunities for experts to share best practice experience and expertise with other professionals in the field of Business Analysis. The event is a joint effort initiative of six IIBA Chapters – Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The conference has now already become a standing tradition and has a growing audience primarily from south-eastern Europe but also drawing visitors from all over the world.

Sessions, workshops

We are currently looking for diverse and wide-ranging conference sessions, workshops and stories. The main theme for this year is: “Homo Analyticus: All we need is data!?”. One of our primary aims is to provide balanced delivery across all sessions in terms of style, experience and case study examples.

Sessions: Data and data storytelling real use cases from the BA practice. Standard presentation sessions should be approximately 15 minutes in duration (or maybe up to 20 minutes – depending on number of selected topics). All sessions will be held in the Conference center (Hotel Perla, Nova Gorica, Slovenia).

Workshops: Standard workshops should be prepared for 120 minutes time slots. Workshops will be held in in the Conference center (Hotel Perla, Nova Gorica, Slovenia) or/and in the adrenaline park "Soča Fun Park", so workshops can be prepared as classical workshop or experience based.

Storytelling by the campfire

For the experience part of the conference we are preparing a special evening edition of the conference, where storytellers will share their stories with attendees by the campfire. We ask you to send us a short story that you would like to present to 3-4 different grups of attendees (it can be in written, audio or video format). Story should be prepared in accordance with one of these three categories:

  • Comedy: Share a story about a chaotic project where a part or the whole project was a comedy. You can also talk about a successful project in a humorous way.
  • Horror: Share your story of a disastrous project where you participated as a BA and you were not taken into account or listened to. Don`t forget to tell us what you learned.
  • Hero: Share your story how you were a BA hero and your BA superhero powers (meaning knowledge, skills and competencies) saved a complicated business situation.
  • Alternative topic: You can also share interesting story related to the theme of the conference »Homo Analyticus: All we need is data!?«

Duration: 20 minutes.

Please note that storytelling by the fire is not intended as standard presentation (ppt presentation and use of computer will not be possible), it is desirable to invite attendees to take an active part in storytelling. It is also desirable that the stories relate to the main conference theme.

Candidates for storytelling will have to attend workshop »What data, story and telling can revil us about storytelling«.

Presentation Proposals

The BBA Conference Content Committee looks forward to receiving a proposal for your presentation. Help create a beneficial and informative program, grow your own professional network and gain personal recognition by participating! Submit a proposal to share your future directions, best practices, stories on successful collaborations and/or solutions to community-wide issues. We are seeking dynamic presentations, case studies and provocative points of view from speakers, trainers and storytellers who can provide information, insights, expertise and best practice experience on topics related to Data Business Analysis and Business Data Analytics.

It is expected that your proposal be focused, adhere to conference guidelines and offer engaging and informative content.

In the event your initial proposal is approved, we kindly ask that you provide a short ppt presentation that introduces the topic you are proposing to present as well as short references from lectures or workshops you have presented in the past.  Once your presentation is received and reviewed, we will send confirmation as to whether you have been selected as a speaker or trainer at this event.

During the period leading up to the conference, your presentation slides will be reviewed and you may be asked to make changes in order to ensure that content is of good standard. The BBA Conference Content Committee shall provide ongoing support and advice to all selected speakers.

While is it not obligatory that you are a professional presenter or trainer, it is expected that you have sufficient time to prepare, review and rehearse your presentation prior to the start of the conference. The BBA Conference Content Committee will work with the selected speakers throughout the session development process to ensure that your queries are answered and your concerns met.

If you know of anyone who has a relevant, interesting and/or informative experience to share, we would be pleased if you would encourage him/her to apply to this event.

The Conference Theme

Homo Analiticus: All we need is data!?

Topics we are search for conference presentations include:

  • Data Discovery/Visualization.
  • Data Quality Management.
  • Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics Tools.
  • Real-time Data And Analytics.
  • Collaborative Business Intelligence.
  • Artificial Intelligence and data analysis.
  • Data Security.
  • Data Literacy.
  • Turning customer data into action
  • Self-service data and analytics capabilities
  • Role of the chief data officer and chief analytics officer
  • Data-driven culture
  • Data and analytics strategy

Speaker and Trainer Guidelines

The following guidelines set the requirements for speakers and trainers at the 2022 Balkan Business Analysis Conference. Please read them carefully prior to making your submission. The deadline to submit a proposal is the 20th of June 2022.


Several factors will be taken into consideration when making selections with the primary goal of providing a diverse and balanced program. A shortlist of the most promising abstracts will be discussed by the BBA Conference Content Committee for review before final decisions are made.

For the first stage of the selection process, please use the Submission Form to submit an abstract that describes the content of your proposed presentation or workshop. Submissions should be made directly to the BBA Conference. The following guidelines should be taken into account:

  • You may submit more than one abstract.
  • Your abstract should be between 120 and 150 words.
  • Please include up to three bullet points to underline the ‘takeaway’ message(s) or workshop goal(s).
  • Please provide sufficient information to describe the topic you would like to present or provide training on.
  • You may present additional information to help us select you as a successful candidate. Please add additional information under the rubric “Other Relevant Information” on the Submission Form.

Speaker Bio

For your biography, please include a write-up of approximately 100 words that outlines your experience, including the number of years you have been involved in your field of expertise, the types of projects you have been involved in, your primary role in these projects and any other relevant information.

Final approved candidates will be listed in the conference brochure and on the conference website. Speaker biographies will be published on the conference website.

Succeeding in the Selection Process

Here are some helpful tips on what to include and what to avoid when preparing your submission:


  • Ensure that the proposed topic and content is relevant to the main theme of the conference.
  • Be clear and specific on what you would like to address and how the audience will benefit.
  • Use real-world examples of business analysis work/experience to attract the conference attendees and to provide relevant examples.
  • Inspire the audience with fresh insights and ideas.


  • Preparing and submitting a presentation proposal that is a means of selling products, services or an organization.
  • Covering too much information that may exceed the limited time frame of the presentation
  • Using vague abstractions and jargon.

Should you have any questions about submitting a presentation proposal, please send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You will be notified on whether your submission has been shortlisted on the 20th of June 2022.

Thank you for your interest in the 8th Balkan Business Analysis Conference and on your decision to submit a proposal. We welcome your participation at this event!

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