The BBA (Balkan Business Analysis) conference is an annual international conference and the largest IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) event in the Balkan region. This year's 8th annual conference will be held on September 12th and 13th. Every 4 years, the conference takes place in Slovenia. The conference returns to Slovenia where it was last held in 2018 when we hosted over 250 attendees from over 20 countries.

The conference will be available live as well as online (a hybrid event) which will enable us to host a larger number of attendees.

Theme of the conference: »Homo Analyticus – All you need is data!?«

What drives the wild dance of demanding customers and business events in the digital economy. Data! It has become the most important “currency” in the world, a source of wealth for everyone who can use it and missed opportunities for everyone who is not aware of the importance of using it. Is data really all we need? What is supposed to be the goal of using it? Do we see data as helpful in satisfying the needs of our customers and proving an even better customer experience or do we mostly want to use it for our own benefit? Because with data, comes power - power to understand others and ensure timely and targeted decisions. That kind of power is justified if it is used mostly for the benefit of the person – buyer, manager, employee or citizen. Despite the rise of artificial intelligence, humans still decide on the goal, context, meaning and purpose of data usage. So even this special dance requires two participants: Homo Analyticus: All we need is data!?

This year BBA is all about knowledge, experience and community

We’re placing special emphasis on a selection of only highly respected international Speakers, Trainers and Storytellers, who will share the latest trends, guidelines and innovations in the field of business analysis in the digital world of data.

We invite you to experience this year's edition of BBA conference as we will upgrade a part of conventional conference with storytelling around a campfire in the Soča Fun Park as well as many other activities in the adrenalin park.

Take advantage of formal and informal networking opportunities to learn and connect with like-minded peers who join us from a vast span of companies and organizations from all around the world.

The 8th Balkan Business Analysis Conference welcomes you with an innovative storyboard that’s being designed not only to provide you with a wonderful and highly insightful learning experience but one that also promises to inspire and entertain.

Highlights from BBA 2018 Conference