NLB Hackathon 2022 – Data Translator was 4 weeks long intensive and expedient way of generating ideas and problem-solving competition. 

It was first and biggest internal competition for whole NLB Group. Participants were NLB Group employees from 7 countries.

79 of our colleagues from different departments with different basic knowledge could choose from 7 different NLB Challenges - from ESG, data fraud detection, customer satisfaction to personalized marketing. With the help of NLB Mentors, NLB Experts and Data translator Trainers 10 teams delivered 10 innovative solutions with valuable insights from their „field “of work.

Key take aways:

  • Innovation teams can work effectively within the organization across teams, geographies, and functions.
  • Hackathon proved that bank has un-matched internal resources and good capabilities for making bottom-up innovation a reality.
  • Collaborative approach with developing internal ecosystem is essential part of creating corporate innovation culture and to deliver sustainable solutions for the bank.