• Growth of data accessibility and usage over the last decade is enormous.
  • This creates new business opportunities, but also need for new skills and competencies from people, who use the data.
  • How will the decision making of data users and data analyst change? What are new opportunities thanks to data – but also what are risks we are facing from jobs perspective – as well as in our life?
  • What is more, there is disproportion between how fast technology changes (exponentially – very fast) and organization adopts to it (logarithmically - slower) – this is so called “Martec’s law”.
  • It means that new opportunities will be absorbed slower, than possible and we need to put efforts not only on the side of data, but also how people can use it to change the business up to its potential.
  • Both sides will be discussed: how data change our ways of working and how we may adopt new opportunities coming from data to enrich the discipline of Change Management.