Processes are a major part of every organization, and due to rapid technology development, organizations switched to a digital operation mode.

One of the main benefits of digital transformation is to automate specific tasks that are part of daily processes. However, is there a real awareness of processes? Do process stakeholders understand business workflows and what could be improved? To understand processes, analyze whether there are specific issues or barriers, and improve processes, there is a need to get a quantitative approach to processes. Such can be achieved by using data science to implement process mining to track issues and find a room to improve to optimize processes. Every digital solution that an organization uses also contains events logs, which are used to analyze business processes. The idea is to present the importance of using data to analyze business processes and to present the upcoming discipline of process mining.

Learning objectives:

  • Discussing the importance of process analysis in the business analysis world
  • Explaining how data contributes to process analysis
  • Presenting trending discipline of analyzing processes by using data –> process mining