What did attendees say about the conference?

More than 85 % attendees stated that professionalism of lectures at BBA conference was excellent or very good!

Among 280 attendees, not even one stated neutral or negative.

“It was a pleasure to attend. I’ve gone to a lot of conferences in my career and was very impressed with the work your team had done to put on such a well-managed event. You should be very proud of what was accomplished!”
Jared Gorai, IIBA Canada

“The conference was great and useful experience, from both content and organisation perspective. Conference TO GO was great idea as well! Lectures and workshops were great, we learned so much! The suggestion is – organise another one please! 🙂 Huge thanks for organising such a brilliant event!”
Liene Ozola, CBAP, C.T.Co” Ltd., Latvia

“The conference was amazing! Kudos to the team for organizing one of the most memorable events I’ve been to! There were interesting BA sessions that I learned a lot from.”
Anna Nilsson, Sweeden

“It was a great experience, I liked it a lot. Some speakers were fantastic and I liked real practical examples where the lecturers show their problem and how they get out of it. Looking forward for BBA 2019 in Serbia”
Natasha Kozlova, Belarus

“Excellent conference!”
Daniel Alexson Accaoui, IKEA Services AB

“Though I had a wonderful experience, here is one remark: – It is TOO SHORT ! 🙂  Events were lovely, lectures and workshops were great. Thank you again ! It was amazing!”
Isabelle Nichele, France

“It is was stunningly and unforgettably!!! Bravo Organizers!!!
Keynote lectures were very interesting. Networking events were organized at a high level. Drinks and foods were many. Of course Conference-TO-GO was amazing. We saw the beautiful nature of Slovenia. Very good variety for lectures and workshop. For me it was first time and I never ever heard from my colleagues about the same Conference-TO-GO.

Thank you so much!!! Vidimo se sledece godine u Srbiji!!!”
Pavel Lepeshkin, Forex Club

“Thanks you for your effort and dedication in organizing BBA Conference. It was the best conference I ever attended. Well done!”
Victoria Cupet


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