BBA 2018

7 reasons why not to miss the BBA 2018!

Have you already planned your business and networking related activites  for the Spring and Summer 2018? Is Balkan Business Analysis already in your itinerary? Great! We are very much looking forward to see you. And all the 20 speakers from all around the world too!

Are you still not 100% sure, wether to come or not?  Are you still hesitating between your regular work obligations and taking two days off your work in office in order to attend this great event? Do you really really really want to come but your boss is still not convienced? You should continue reading. It will take only two minutes of your precious time and will most probably convience you that you should join us at the Balkan Business Analysis Conference where »Voice of the Costumer« is going to be our focus.

1. It is just different!

How many conferences, business breakfasts, international events … did you attend in your career? Most probably You are not even counting anymore. You have surely attended the events that have stayed in your memory forever but you have most probably visited the events, which were really nothing special.
We can assure you that 4th Balkan BA Conference is one of those profesionnal networking events you will never forget! The Conference welcomes you with an innovative stoaryboard where Profesionnal part of the Workshops and Lectures is thoughtfully combined with networking activities as well as the touristic sightseeing of Slovenia, the greenest country in Europe!

2. More then 20 Speakers and Trainers from all around the world.

Speakers BBA2018To guarantee a great conference, we’ve placed special emphasis on a selection of only highly respected International Speakers as well as the best BA, CXPA and UX Experts from across the Balkan region.

The Conference includes 10 workshops and 10 lectures, hosted by best professionals not with BA backgroud but also well experienced professionaly from the fields of CXPA and UX. We are very pleased that there is many female speakers& trainers participating at the Conference too.

You are kindly welcome to visit our website where you can find all the necesarry information about the Speakers & Trainers. Here we would like to  point out the Keynote speakers:

Keynote speakers:

Michael Hinshaw
President, McorpCX

Michael Hinshaw, co-author of the best-selling book Smart Customers, Stupid Companies,  

leads customer experience strategy, design and consulting firm McorpCX, where he and his team help companies integrate digital and customer-centric innovation to improve business performance by transforming how they interact with customers. Michael has been published and quoted in dozens of publications ranging from Harvard Business Review and Fast Company to American Executive and Time.

At the BBA Conference Michael Hinshaw will be showing us 7 Ways Business Analysts Can Lead the Charge to Transform Customer Experience.

Thomas Geis (UXQB)

Thomas Geis has been a full-time usability professional for the past 25 years. After 10 years of work in usability testing, Thomas specialized in user requirements engineering and structural product design. He is the editor of several ISO standards for usability and user experience and has co-authored a curriculum entitled “Certified Professional for usability and user experience” (CPUX), both at the foundation and advanced level “User requirements engineering”.

At the BBA Conference Thomas Geis will talk about How to Find Hidden User Needs Systematically and Derive Valid User Requirements.

Jared Gorai (IIBA)

Jared loves being a Business Analyst and has done so in title for over 15 years. He has over 25 years business and leadership experience in both the retail and energy sectors. Jared is a strong advocate for IIBA, having served in various capacities with the Calgary IIBA Chapter as well as chairing the Volunteer Chapter Network. He brings his passion for business analysis and experience as Chapter Leader to the role of Director of Regions and Chapters of IIBA. In this role, Jared acts as the voice of the customer to over 120 IIBA Chapters and nearly 30,000 IIBA members.

At the BBAConference he will speak about BAs as the Voice of the Customer in the 21st Century,  which is same time also the Title of our Conference.

Please read more about all the other Speakers and Trainers.

3. Great value  for time

Lake Bled - SloveniaOne of the most appreciated values of the Modern days is TIME. We are all lacking  of time. At work, with our assigned project, at home, with our children, family, with our free time related activities … it seems like we never have enough time to accomplish what we would like to. The BBA Conference will last for two days only but the organizers have put a special attention into designing a timeframe of the conference that will  offer really a lot of new professional knowledge but at same time leave more then enough time and space for networking as well as for tourism related activities. The organizers have prepared a unique model where networking and touristic activities will be strongly interlaced  within the Conference to go frame,  which gives enough time and also the engagement to carry out a highly professional Lectures and Workshops part.

4. Because United we Stand Stronger

Balkan Business Analysis is joined effort of the 4 IIBA Chapters (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Slovenia) and this is a first such example within the IIBA Chapters worldwide.

All four Chapters have joined in 2015 in order to organize the first Balkan BA Conference together. First BBA was hosted in Belgrade, Serbia in 2015, a year after in Bucharest (Romania) and in the year of 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria. All the events have been very sucessfull.  Four Chapters joined together are symbolizing the mission of the business analytics, which is cooperation and  collaboration and are setting a good example to other Chapters around the Globe. The 4th Balkan BA Conference is hosted by IIBA Slovenia, supported by IIBA Romania, IIBA Bulgaria and IIBA Serbia and we are delighted to announced that many people from more then 15 countries have already confirmed their participation.

5. Partners of the Conference

Strong professional value to the Conference is also added with the Partners of the Conference, internationally recognized and well respected organizations such as IIBA, The International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board UXQB, Costumer Experience Professionals Association CXPA, IAF Europe and Middle East and University of Maribor.  We are delighted to inform that just a day before the Conference, there will be 1st regional IAF meeting, organized in collaboration with IAF and IIBA. We are sure it will bring an added value also to the Conference itself.

6. Who can attend

The BBA Conference theme is Business Analyst as a Voice of the Costumer and is extremely important for Traditional as well as the Digital Business. The  Conference is definitely not meant only for the IIBA Business Analysts to attend. Those responsible for strategic customers, managers , employees in marketing and sales , Managers and employees in the development and production sectors, CIOs, CDOs and all others directly or indirectly related to costumers, are more then welcome to attend.

BA experts from the hosting Chapter themselves have a lot of international experiences, advising and lecturing all around the world and they have been collecting and studying the needs of the Modern BA accordingly. The theme of this year’s BBA Conference is nohow an coincidence, as the President of the IIBA Slovenia Chapter, Mr. Aleš Štempihar and his colleagues have studied it well before accepting the final decision.

7. Customer Experience is Important!

And Your Experience is Important too! Therefor we will make sure Your wonderful experience at Balkan Business Analysis will be doubled. First with a learning and networking at the Conference and secondly with the breathtaking beauties of the Host’s Country. We’re also adding special value to the Networking portion of the Conference by providing attendees with the opportunity to enjoy fun and engaging networking activities.  BA Expertise Breakfast, Conference to go and at the special evening Conference Party where the Balkan Boys band will make sure nobody’s left off the dance floor.

Balkan Boys
Balkan Boys

The BBA Conference will take place in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.  Slovenia is the first country in the world to be declared a green destination based on Green Destinations Criteria. Situated in the heart of Europe, Slovenia is a small boutique country between the Alps. Mediterranean Sea, mysterious Karst with more than 11,000 karst caves and Pannonian Plain, reach in healthy water springs. if you attend the Conference you will be able to experience some of the Slovenia’s beauties too as they are actually included into the Conference timetable.

Now that you are finally convienced J we are inviting you to book your ticket here!

We are looking forward to see you!