BBA Conference Call for Speakers

Choosing and Preparing Presentations:
A Guide for Presenters and Chapter Leaders

Conference Goal

Balkan Business Analysis Conference has been established with the goal to advance profession by providing an opportunity for regional IIBA Chapter members to share experiences and know-how in the field of Business Analysis.

Acceptable Presentation Topics

In order to achieve the goal, presenters should be focused on transferring their personal and unique experience gained through a variety of activities on projects engaging Business Analysis in solving real-world problems. Some of the ideas for presentation topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Practical application of Business Analysis on real-world projects and clients
  • Case studies illustrating projects with focus on significant Business Analysis contribution
  • Best practices with hands-on presenters’ experience using techniques and tools
  • Implementing and advancing Business Analysis role in organizations
  • Experience in integrating Business Analysis as a part of a regular business process

Please note the list is not a strict requirement but just a guideline, chapter leaders are welcome to select any presentation meeting the above defined conference goal.

Chapters’ Role in the Selection Process

This time, we have decided not to allow open submissions for conference presentations. Instead, it will be chapter-moderated: each chapter is expected to communicate details to their members, collect presentation proposals, and select two presenters from their member base. Considering 4 regional chapters are invited to participate, we are expecting the total of 8 presentations.

In the first run, presenters should provide name, company name, contact email, presentation title and short abstract (up to 200 words) to their chapter leaders. Chapter leaders will then verify and correct the details if/where necessary, align presentation topics with the conference goal, and forward presentation topic proposals to the Advisory Board.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board has four members, who are also chapter presidents. Once regional chapters select presentations and forward to the Advisory Board, final adjustments will be made. This is primarily to avoid overlapping topics, clarify details if necessary, and if everything is aligned with the conference goal and meeting proposed guidelines, to arrange presentations for delivery in a specific order and appoint Session Chairs.

Based on this the conference sessions schedule will be finalized and made publicly available.

Time Requirements for Presenters

The conference schedule has been planned to allow for delivering 9 presentations in 3 sessions. That would include one keynote presentation and 8 chapter member presentations. For more details on schedule please refer to the program page on the conference web site.

In order to keep all conference activities on track the slot for a single presentation must not exceed 30 minutes, with the exception of the keynote presentation with allocated time of 40 minutes. As a general guideline, each presentation should be delivered in up to 20 minutes, with additional 10 minutes allowed for questions and discussion.

Each session will have a Session Chair[, while panel discussion will have a Moderator. They will ensure proposed timeline is followed, by notifying presenters of allowed time limits and moderating questions and discussion. Session Chairs and panel discussion Moderator will be appointed by the Advisory Board and could be selected from all four regional IIBA Chapter Members. The initial idea/recommendation was to appoint selected presenters as Session Chairs for sessions they are not scheduled to present, but this is open to final decision by the Advisory Board.


The process should be completed in several iterations as follows:

1 Regional chapters are informing members about the conference, and sending request for presentation submissions to their members. 17.6.2015
2 Selection process completed by regional chapters. Presenter names and organizations, contact e-mails and presentation topics with short abstracts are forwarded to the Advisory Board. 31.7.2015
3 Conference Program confirmed by the Advisory Board: presentations assigned to sessions with presentation order, Session Chairs appointed. (Based on this Conference Program is updated and published on the conference site.) 12.8.2015 
4 Presenters are providing presentations in Power Point format to the Advisory Board for their final review. 19.8.2015
5 Feedback and request for corrections is sent to selected presenters by the Advisory Board. 26.8.2015
6 Corrections received and confirmed (if any). 9.9.2015
7 Final program confirmation with optional adjustments. 16.9.2015