Great value for time

One of the most appreciated values of the Modern days is TIME. We are all lacking  of time. At work, with our assigned project, at home, with our children, family, with our free time related activities … it seems like we never have enough time to accomplish what we would like to. The BBA Conference will last for two days only but the organizers have put a special attention into designing a timeframe of the conference that will  offer really a lot of new professional knowledge but at same time leave more then enough time and space for networking as well as for tourism related activities. The organizers have prepared a unique model where networking and touristic activities will be strongly interlaced  within the Conference to go frame,  which gives enough time and also the engagement to carry out a highly professional Lectures and Workshops part.

1. It is just different!

How many conferences, business breakfasts, international events … did you attend in your career? Most probably You are not even counting anymore. You have surely attended the events that have stayed in your memory forever but you have most probably visited the events, which were really nothing special.

We can assure you that 4th Balkan BA Conference is one of those profesionnal networking events you will never forget! The Conference welcomes you with an innovative stoaryboard where Profesionnal part of the Workshops and Lectures is thoughtfully combined with networking activities as well as the touristic sightseeing of Slovenia, the greenest country in Europe!

7 reasons why not to miss the BBA 2018!

Have you already planned your business and networking related activites for the Spring and Summer 2018? Is Balkan Business Analysis already in your itinerary? Great! We are very much looking forward to see you. And all the 20 speakers from all around the world too!

Are you still not 100% sure, wether to come or not? Are you still hesitating between your regular work obligations and taking two days off your work in office in order to attend this great event? Do you really really really want to come but your boss is still not convienced? You should continue reading. It will take only two minutes of your precious time and will most probably convience you that you should join us at the Balkan Business Analysis Conference where »Voice of the Costumer« is going to be our focus.